Bringing us face to face with mortality, Kate Puxley's preserved creatures evidence the impulse to stabilize time. ”

— Heather Nicol, Curator, Running on Empty, Robert McLauglin Gallery, Oshawa Ontario, 2015


Canadian Art - January 8, 2015 "Must-Sees This Week: January 8 to 14, 2015" - How Road Kill Came To Inspire The Drawings — and Taxidermy — of Kate Puxley (video)
Parc Avenue Tonight – 29 November 2012 (video)
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Curious Montreal: Kate Puxley 
MASSIVart Blog: Chromatic at the SAT 
Drawing ‘Pirouette’ at the Société des Arts Technologique’s (SAT) Foodlab (third photo down)
The Montreal GazetteApril 14th 2012 (John Pohl) 
Dans le Champ Lexical – CIBL 101,5, April 3rd 2012 (Caroline Allard) 
L’actualité: L’amie des Betes – March 17th, 2012 (André Ducharme) 
L’actualité: Le Blogue Arts et Spectacles d’André Ducharme 
Pop Life Exhibit, 11 June – 19 Sep 2010 
ratsdeville, 06/11/09

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit “Must Sees”, July 2011 (Couldn't locate a link for this one, Kate) 
Harxest – Spaces (Photography by Camilo), July 2011 (Couldn't locate a link for this one, Kate) 
Montreal Mirror, 27/05/10 – 2/06/10 (Couldn't locate a link for this one, Kate)

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